Kyungsoo’s Kimchi Spaghetti!

Here’s the recipe for all exotics who’ve been wondering what kimchi spaghetti actually looks like/tastes like- make it yourself and try! It’s really similar to plain spaghetti, but the kimchi gives it a tangy and slightly spicy kick that makes it super, super delicious. I used this interview as reference

(note: I chose to add extra vegetables, which add extra steps, but it makes the whole result a lot more delicious and healthy!)

onion, bell pepper, scallions, kimchi, ham (I subbed in Chinese sausage), spaghetti, tomato sauce, shredded cheese.

1. wash and cut up your vegetables, including the kimchi! 

2. slice up your meat.

3. boil spaghetti according to directions; when it’s done, strain and rinse with cold water. PREHEAT THE OVEN (350-400 degrees works.)

4. while the pasta cooks, saute your vegetables (but not the kimchi!) with some oil and a little salt- cook your meat too, if it’s uncooked, and set all of this aside.

5. saute the kimchi with a little oil. Kyungsoo says the kimchi is more delicious cooked- he’s definitely right! don’t skip this step! 

6. turn the heat to medium, add all your sauteed vegetables and meat to the kimchi in the pan, and pour a good amount of tomato sauce on top and mix it all up- make sure to heat the sauce through!

7. put the cooked spaghetti into an ovenproof pan/dish and pour your sauce over it. mix it all up!

8. sprinkle your cheese over the whole thing- EXO likes it really cheesy, and so do I, actually. put more than you think you would like, because once it melts, you see it’s actually not a lot at all.

9. put the kimchi spaghetti in the oven until the cheese has all melted. 

10. serve and enjoy! :)

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